the service

Market Strategy, Brand Development, Community Development, Conference Speaker and Content Curation, Advisory Board Development, Event Management, Website Design, Messaging and Positioning, Sales Enablement, and Demand Generation Strategy and Execution.


the challenge

Zero Trust needed a data driven approach to better understand the complex cybersecurity market segment and lacked cybersecurity industry experts to identify, rank, and prioritize the underserved segments within the cybersecurity market. In addition, they needed the ability to survey cybersecurity practitioners to better understand what segments of their industry required more community and education. Lastly, they needed to develop a go-to-market platform to launch and incubate new offerings that would accelerate value creation and overall traction in new industry segments.


the solution

Invado Group developed a business case to launch a new brand that would create differentiated market value in a crowded cyber security event segment. The IG team provided Cybersecurity industry insights, research, and recommendations to gain management approval to launch a new peer-to-peer community to serve the Zero Trust Cybersecurity market segment.


In addition, Invado Group developed the following:


  • A business plan with supporting primary research and external market validation interviews with IT/IT cybersecurity professionals to inform a go-to-market trajectory
  • Brand identity including the creation of a digital marketing strategy
  • Identified, recruited, and grew a cyber security advisory group
  • Curated and launched a Zero Trust Virtual Summit in Q4 2022
  • Created an online community strategy with peer-to-peer education forums and an online directory of technology providers