Fractional Marketing for Cash-Efficient Growth


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Many startups encounter challenges when transitioning from product development to establishing their marketing and sales initiatives. The process of recruiting marketing leadership and assembling a team can create significant delays, often spanning several months. Invado Group offers a solution by providing a ready-made, fractional marketing team that not only acts as an extension of your in-house staff but also brings valuable domain and industry segment expertise to the table. This specialized knowledge ensures that the team hits the ground running with a deep understanding of your industry context. This approach allows you to concentrate on early-stage sales expansion while maintaining a cost-effective strategy. With Invado Group, you can sustain momentum and elevate your go-to-market efforts efficiently.

A Multifaceted Team

for Comprehensive Solutions:

The Invado Group team is a diverse assembly of experts, each contributing a unique skill set to propel your startup forward. Our team includes:

  • Product Marketers: Crafting and communicating a compelling narrative for your product.
  • Demand Generation Specialists: Driving awareness and interest through targeted strategies.

  • Sales and Marketing Automation Specialists: Streamlining processes to enhance efficiency.

  • Web Developers: Creating a digital presence that captivates and converts.

  • Digital Marketers: Executing strategies across online channels for maximum impact.

  • Creative Designers & Animators: Bringing your brand to life through visually stunning content.