the service

Product Marketing Strategy, Messaging and Positioning, Sales Enablement


the challenge

Expanding on the company’s 20-year history presented some positioning challenges as the company product innovation outgrew its initial messaging strategy. Additionally, the company looked to perform a comprehensive discovery and market assessment of the competitive landscape within the security training industry.


the solution

The Invado team led customer interviews and online surveys to drive discussions and interactions with key stakeholders, prospects, and end-users to further capture the voice of the customer/buyer. The primary objective was to fully understand their needs, pain points, preferences, and buying behaviors. Furthermore, Invado Group reviewed and assessed the competitive landscape to help quantify current positioning in the minds of buyers today.

Invado Group provided essential strategic direction on product packaging, which in this context refers to the bundling and structuring of the company’s solutions. How services are packaged can significantly impact how customers perceive, adopt, and derive value. Our approach included an examination of current offerings, analysis of customer usage patterns, and identification of market trends and competitive structures. This thorough understanding led to recommending various package structures such as bundling related modules, tiered offerings based on complexity, or creating comprehensive packages for different user roles and different market drivers.

We took various factors into account such as customer needs and willingness to pay, the coherence of training modules, and potential for upselling or cross-selling. Our goal was to develop a packaging strategy that optimizes revenue while concurrently enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty.